Saturday, June 8, 2013

FDS: Fort Campbell KY

Well, we made it through basic training! It was a very long 4 months (minus the 2 weeks he was able to come home during Christmastime). We sure missed Daddy. It was a wonderful blessing for us to be able to live with Max's parents during that time and for Roxy to get to spend so much time with her Gangie, Pop-pop, aunts, uncles and cousins. Max graduated from OSUT on March 15. I'm so glad we were able to go visit him and see him graduate and spend that time with him. It was so wonderful!

We also found out during that weekend the gender of our baby! I had the ultrasound tech write on a piece of paper the sex of the baby then she sealed it in a envelope. We opened it together on the day of Max's Turning Blue Ceremony. BOY!!!! It was so great.

Max found out the previous day where our first duty station would be.... Fort Campbell Kentucky! Since we were withing driving distance from there, we had the opportunity to drive Max up there to report to his unit instead of him taking a bus. I was awesome to get to spend that extra time with him. We had to do a little change of plans with the extra driving involved, but it worked out great! 

Max spent about 4 weeks in-processing at Fort Campbell while Roxy and I waited back in Texas to hear news on when, where, and how we'd be getting to Kentucky. It was a tough 4 more weeks, not knowing what would happen. I like to have my ducks in a row so it was hard for me to be patient, but I am learning! Luckily Max was able to get 10 days of PTDY to come help us move and we did a PPM move, where we moved ourselves instead of the Army moving us. We're glad we ended up doing things that way, despite a few difficulties. We were able to pocket some extra money doing it that way, which always comes in handy!

So I'd consider us pretty settled here at Fort Campbell. We live on post in some crappy, old, government housing! But we don't care! We're so happy just to be together, and we're enjoying our little life together and      our daily routines. Our lives revolve around our little girl, but we wouldn't have any other way. It amazes us how big and grown up Roxy is getting. She is now 21 months. She is starting to talk a lot and loves playing at the park, watching Barney, playing with baby dolls, and singing to her favorite kids songs, even though she can't quite get the words right. 

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our son and can't wait for Roxy to be a big sister and to be able to start all over again with another tiny special little gift from God. I'm 32 weeks along, so just a few more weeks to go now, he'll be here before we know it! Can't wait!
 30 weeks
 Little monkey hanging on a tree
 Making a mess!
Learning how to find the good strawberries at the H&S Farms Strawberry Jam

Our townhome-style apartment in Fort Campbell

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